lang="en-US"> COP26 delegates take ‘ridiculous’ domestic flights after fallen tree causes rail chaos – Ania Wilczynska
Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

COP26 delegates take ‘ridiculous’ domestic flights after fallen tree causes rail chaos

A fallen tree has caused rail chaos at London’s Euston station leaving hundreds trying to get to Glasgow for the COP26 climate change conference stranded – some have booked flights in desperation

Frantic delegates have turned to gas-guzzling domestic flights to get to the COP26 climate change conference at Glasgow after a fallen tree stopped trains coming out of London.

Hundreds of passengers inside London’s Euston station have been left waiting, with many stuck realising the irony of having to turn to flights as a result of the cancellations.

Just before 2pm on Sunday, an announcement in the station revealed all train services had been suspended and the concourse was “exit only” due to overcrowding.

Pictures on social media showed the concourse packed with people, many of who were hoping to travel north for the climate conference which kicked off today.

David Johnson was left sitting on his train from London Euston to Glasgow for more than half an hour on Sunday morning before eventually being told to get off along with his fellow passengers.

Mr Johnson is attending Cop26 as chief executive of the Margaret Pyke Trust, a UK-based international NGO focused on removing barriers to family planning as part of climate adaptation efforts.

Needing to reach the conference, Mr Johnson decided to book a flight from Gatwick to Glasgow which, he said, “does, of course, seem ridiculous”.

“The irony of the climate impacting the trains, meaning a flight to the climate change conference is the only way to get there today, is not lost on me,” he said.

The disruption came as a result of damage to overhead electrical wires between Rugby and Milton Keynes on the West Coast Main Line.

Network Rail said its teams are on site near Long Buckby in Northamptonshire, where the damage occurred.

The company said it is working to remove the fallen tree before assessing the damage and beginning repairs.

Travellers are advised not to go to Euston and instead check for regular updates.

The Cop26 is getting underway on Sunday, although the weekend has already got off to an awkward start for some world leaders.

Emmanuel Macron nabbed a prime spot between Boris Johnson and his climate summit co-host in an awkward moment at the G20.

Mr Johnson had to move aside to make room when the French President backed into a space between him and Italian President Mario Draghi, co-host of COP26 in Glasgow.

The pair shared a fist-bump by the Trevi Fountain in Rome, where leaders met to throw pennies over their shoulders into the water.

But the Tory leader looked surprised and did not talk to Mr Macron after the French President backed into the space.

Later Mr Macron appeared to speak briefly to the Prime Minister, though it was not clear if he was talking to another leader nearby.

Mr Johnson and Mr Macron met privately later this morning as they tried to ease a row about fishing rights in the Channel.

The Prime Minister was due to speak to the French President in an informal “brush-by” at the G20 summit in Rome – two days before a Tuesday deadline.