lang="en-US"> Twitter Spaces hosts can now record conversations and share them in tweets – Ania Wilczynska
Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

Twitter Spaces hosts can now record conversations and share them in tweets

Twitter is now allowing hosts of Twitter Spaces chats to record and share their broadcasts. The feature is starting to roll out to a limited number of Twitter Spaces hosts on iOS and should be available to all hosts “within a few weeks.” The feature lets hosts record a Twitter Spaces conversation and share the recording in a tweet.

The new functionality also means that anyone who was late to a Twitter Spaces broadcast will now be able to replay the broadcast once it’s finished if a host has enabled recording. That means tweets that are typically shared to promote Twitter Spaces broadcasts will now include a link to a recording, rather than a note that the Spaces broadcast has ended.

Participants will be notified with a new icon that a recording is taking place when they join a live Twitter Spaces broadcast. Hosts will then have access to recordings for 30 days after the broadcast for sharing purposes, or they can decide to delete a Spaces recording at any time. Twitter says it will keep recordings up to 120 days to check for any abusive or hateful content.

The new recording option comes just a week after Twitter opened up Spaces to all iOS and Android users. Twitter is also testing a new Spaces tab for its Clubhouse competitor, has created a fund for creators, and is even piloting ticketed Spaces audio rooms that you pay a fee to participate in.