lang="en-US"> I love my teen daughter but I just don’t like her – she’s a mean and a bully’ – Ania Wilczynska
Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

I love my teen daughter but I just don’t like her – she’s a mean and a bully’

A mum is at the end of her tether with her ‘mean’ teenage daughter and admits that while she loves her, she doesn’t actually like her as a person

Every parent hopes to have a great relationship with their children, but as most mums and dads will tell you, it’s not always easy – especially as they get older and become more independent.

One mum has learned this the hard way, after confessing that while she loves her daughter, she doesn’t actually like her a person and has even branded her offspring a ‘bully’.

Taking to Reddit, the mum explained that her teenage daughter is “not very likeable,” and is regularly mean to her and her siblings, being aggressive and making mean comments.

“Don’t get me wrong I love her with all my heart, but she’s not very likeable. She is quite mean to me, always saying sly comments like if I say I like what I’m wearing she will say it’s ugly. She is very spiteful to her younger siblings and bullies them a lot,” the mum wrote.

She went on to say that her daughter has a habit of throwing tantrums, then hurting herself in a bid to play the victim when she’s punished for her behaviour. The teen will also regularly twist her mum’s words, leaving her feeling like she can never win.

Despite her feelings though, the mum insisted she does everything in her power to still be a good parent and says she is “always affectionate and there for her no matter what.”

Recently, the mum reached the end of her tether and confessed her true feelings to her best friend, who responded by calling her a “terrible person” – which prompted the mum to turn to Reddit for advice.

Many Reddit users were sympathetic and suggested the mum take the teen to therapy in a bid to repair their relationship, however the mum said her daughter refused.

“It’s okay to not like your child’s bratty behaviour,” one commented, while another added: “It is okay to feel this way and just keep enforcing your rules.”